1 Minute in the Metaverse 🌐 Welcome to the Social Experiment

Having launched in February 2020, Decentraland represents the very first generation of metaverse projects, the real pioneers of this concept. Has its mission evolved since then?

It’s really shaping into a creative hub. That’s why the brands come. They want to find creative teams that could bring to life their thoughts and ideas. It’s beyond just gamifying a 3D world — it’s a portal connecting physical and digital through creative communities.

Speaking of MVFW, which you helped to organize recently, how can you explain the commercial success of new events like that despite the current technical limitations that exist? How do brands respond to the lack of hyper-realistic graphics, for instance?

Sometimes we’re so focused on mimicking the real world that we lock the creative process. When working with certain limitations of graphics, which bring you out of your comfort zone, you actually create things that are really marvelous.

Metaverse is a great space for you to extend your narrative as a creator, as a designer, so you can go beyond what you can do in the physical space.

Catwalk in Decentraland by Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana catwalk in Decentraland. Source: Elle.fr

And do you feel like for fashion brands it’s also a way of becoming more accessible?

How do you actually onboard brands to Decentraland, to make sure they have the tools and know-how to realize these projects?

Tommy Hilfiger experience at the MVFW in Decentraland.
Tommy Hilfiger experience at the MVFW. Source: NFT Plaza.

The goal is to feed the community with clients, so that community can grow independently from us.

And what have been the main insights from Decetraland’s “social experiment” regarding how people inhabit the metaverse on a daily basis?

There seems to be a movement of people that are not so interested anymore in posting photos of themselves on Instagram — they’re more interested in sharing their identity in web3, with their avatars, what they do and what they create there.

The idea of expanding your creative and social identities in the metaverse is indeed powerful. But isn’t a lot of it just about people shielding themselves in an illusion?

During your talk at NFC in Lisbon, you mentioned that XR tech will play a key role in connecting the different metaverse experiences. How do you see it evolving exactly?

Metaverse is going to come out of this screen.

What’s next for Decentraland in particular?



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