5 Best Gaming Bots to Grow Your Discord Server — With Tutorials!

4 min readOct 17, 2022


Everyone knows that managing a Discord community can be a real challenge. Luckily, there are bots to help along the way!

From welcoming new members, to announcing events, to moderating and launching games, they can make your life so much easier and fun — and even help to revive a dead server.

There are actually millions of official and community-created bots out there. Here are the Top 5 that we found most useful and fun, based on our experience at Powder of growing our own Discord server to 60k+ members in less than 6 months! Best tutorials included.

1) MEE6

MEE6 is a legendary Swiss Army knife of bots. Designed by Discord itself, it combines a number of functions essential to any server: moderation, custom commands, reaction roles, as well as Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter alerts.

🤩 What we love about it: Simple and straightforward dashboard and moderation features that are easy to implement. The bot posts social notifications, has its own economy (MEE6 currency!), and keeps track of all the messages sent on a leaderboard. You can use it to assign roles too, based on the leaderboard or your own preference.

😡 What’s less cool: A lot of cool features and customizations are behind a paywall: like custom welcome messages, music features, etc. Still, the blue blob is just too handy to pass by!

2) Dank Memer

The ultimate entertainment bot, famous for posting memes and generating images. It’s also a global currency game with over 20M users (!!), where they can collect unique items, pets, and more.

🤩 What we love about it: Roleplay games, crazy economy (with its own currency, marketplace, etc.), special rewards for daily users, and funny memes to brighten the day.

😡 What’s less cool: Alas, the memes come in few variations and can become repetitive pretty quickly.

3) Powder Arena

Powder Arena creates custom challenges in the server for famous games (Fortnite, Valorant, CoD, Apex, etc.), tracks game events like kills and wins, and updates the leaderboard with it. Integrated directly with the Powder PC app, it also automatically detects the best gaming highlights, ready to be shared at the end of each gaming session.

🤩 What we love about it: Integration with the app for top performance, tracks in-game events, and puts it in the leaderboard. A super nice-looking dashboard design. The entire server can join challenges! Highlights based on voice and emotion recognition are promised next.

😡 What’s less cool: For the bot to work, you’ve got to have the Powder app downloaded. It’s also missing a variety of types of challenges for now: it’s mostly about kills and victories. No marketplace yet.

4) Mushroom

Mushroom provides social gaming features to level up your server thanks to quests. With the bot, your members can earn coins and compete against other server members.

🤩 What we love about it: The integration of their social media with Discord, rewards for playing games, a store to buy cute pets, multiple quests specific to games, and a leaderboard.

😡 What’s less cool: Get ready for some pretty annoying generic DMs from their bot unrelated to you. Quests are based on the number of hours you’re playing the game vs. being based on in-game events like kills, wins, etc.

I know what you’re thinking now…

Powder Arena vs. Mushroom, what’s the difference? 😏

> Both basically allows you to play games on Discord — which is cool!

> Powder records game events (kills, wins, aces, etc.), while Mushroom detects for how long you’ve been playing the game, which is not a skill-based challenge.

> Unlike Mushroom, Powder has a dashboard for customized bot configuration.

> Powder has a PC app that automatically clips your game highlights, whereas Mushroom is a more socially-focused app, for people posting game clips and looking for fellow gamers to play with.

5) Carl bot

The cute turtle Carl-bot is a fully customizable and modular bot featuring reaction roles, automod, logging, custom commands, and much more. Its main differentiating factor is powerful custom commands — a true magic wand once you figure out how to use it.

🤩 What we love about it: Reaction roles are really easy to set up. Some moderation commands that would be premium (and paid) in MEE6 are actually free to use with Carl.

😡 What’s less cool: The dashboard looks sooo boring and technical that you can literally use this bot to help yourself doze off on your keyboad.

Here are only five bots among the millions created by the amazing Discord communities!

Below is a selection of articles you can consult to find more bots for a perfect Discord mix!




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