Four Must-Haves For a Blockchain Game, by Dark Earth

We spoke with Hugo Borges de Sousa, Co-founder and CEO at Dark Earth — a web3 platform of futuristic dystopian sci-fi gaming worlds with a mobile-first focus. Design to provide an immersive AAA animated art experience, the gameplay takes place on a futuristic world of planet Leira, with five factions that are fighting for survival, for Cosmium — the precious energy source.

The studio behind Dark Earth, Olympus Origin, is currently launching their first rights strategy game, which is free-to-play and accessible to the mass market gamers and esports teams alike.

In conversation with Hugo, we’ve identified four crucial elements of a successful blockchain game.

1) Fun and accessible gameplay

The most important benefit of playing our game — it’s a lot of fun. Players will be able to play it anytime, anywhere on mobile — on the go, in the metro, on a bus and at home. It will be fun and engaging and with great game mechanics.

What we’ve done is to build the first video game, which is a cad battle or rights strategy game, with four main differentiating factors relative to other games of the same genre. First, it has two decks instead of one. And we think that takes strategic thinking in card battle playing to the next level. It is also very dynamic and interactive — we provide freedom to play actions at any moment in time without having to wait until the rival has used up his turn. This is something quite new in the gaming industry.

Dark Earth Ecosystem Trailer

Then, we use a combat system of rights, which means the game flow does limit players actions. We provide freedom to select which parts are used in an attack at all times. We provide the gamers a set of tools and mechanics and rules that empower them to be extremely strategic and not fall into sort of ‘my turn your turn’ kind of game, allowing them to play at any moment in time instead. There’s a lot of strategic thinking and now knowing how to read your rivals mindset, but with extreme flexibility in terms of in terms of being able to do various actions.

Finally, the fourth differentiating factor is the Dark Earth IP itself. We have a Battlezone within our rights strategy game, where cards come to life and become 3D animations with special effects and sounds! They are based on our AAA NFT collection, and we think that coupled with the lore and the five factions provide something that is quite unique in the industry.

In a nutshell, what drove us to build the Dark Earth ecosystem is the goal to provide the gaming community with a fantastic lore, a gaming experience with great art, coupled with very fun, engaging gaming mechanics and rules.

2) NFT collections with utility

In Dark Earth, players can build their card deck with their own NFTs, which will be interoperable, across all the different games in the Dark Earth ecosystem.

This July we’ll be doing a sale of NFTs through mystery capsules that will have 8 NFTs each. Our goal is to create this magical experience on our own web page, for the NFT buyers to have a unique experience, where they can compose decks with their own assets and trade on the marketplace. There’s also a digital version of the game, in which the players are given randomly selected cards. That is to say, one doesn’t need to own NFTs to play.

Dark Eath NFTs Genesis Collection

3) Engaged community

We pride ourselves for having a vibrant community on social media. Now that we are launching our demo tech, the goal is to have as many people testing our demos as possible and help us with the development through feedback. We want to be very close to the market and continue to go grow that community that in the future will be the basis of the Dark Earth ecosystem. We’d would love to have our community contribute to how the game lore evolves, too. Planet Leira [where all the games are set] is something unique, which doesn’t rotate around itself. It always has light on the same side of the planet and darkness on the other. There are plenty of things that can be happening on both, so we’d like to have our community help in unlocking all that is going on in that dark side of the planet. Also, why not let them have a vote on what are the new games that should be integrated in in that case? The idea is for all players to have a real voice in deciding quite strategic things, central to the for the Dark Earth ecosystem, so they can make a real difference and feel empowered as a result.

4) Experienced team and solid partnerships

What appealed to us in web3 was the possibility of having people own in-game assets and having them use those across various video games. However, some games in the space have been impacted by high volatility, arbitrage, and speculation. We truly want to have a healthy community of gamers that is there for our gaming ecosystem and wants to contribute to it meaningfully.

Having a sustainable economic model behind it is key. One of our North Stars is to avoid the pitfalls of the gaming industry that we saw happen in the past, moving away from all projects that are in it just for short-term profits. We’re a team of very experienced people that have done this in the past. We are cautious investor and responsible managers. We’ve done the smart contracts ourselves that have been audited, for instance.

Building a solid ecosystem around us has been very important too — partnering with other web3 players, like guilds, marketplaces, blockchains, alliances, and so on. I like to say that we “craft” partnerships, that is nurturing long-term relationships with value.



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