Welcome to Powder Creator Program!

Powder Creator Program is a unique program designed to unlock new revenue streams for gaming content creators and favor the discovery of new games!

As part of the program, we match creators with gaming studios in order to co-produce streams. Streaming highlights, generated automatically by our cutting-edge AI, are then minted as NFTs and released in exclusive drops sponsored by Powder.

Our roster, currently featuring 32 creators from around the world, is curated to reflect a rich diversity of genders, cultures and gaming preferences of the global gaming community.

This way Powder’s robust tech infrastructure — combining universal sourcing, editing, sharing, and minting capabilities — comes at the service of creators to democratize creation and ownership of gaming content.

We have a strong track record of working with studios and gaming creators alike, and intend to help them reach new heights through meaningful collaborations!

Benefits for featured creators

  • Advantageous conditions for monetizing: creators get a revenue share that exceeds the market average and ensures a fair split of ownership between them and the studios. In contrast to one-off donations, NFTs also enable creators to monetize in a more sustainable way as they receive royalties on all future transactions and may see the value of their digital assets increase over time;
  • Occasion to get more exposure and grow the community: all creators working with us benefit from media exposure and active promotion on social media by both Powder and partner studios. Given the challenge of discoverability on streaming and social media platforms, additional visibility can play a key role in boosting the creator’s future prospects;
  • Privileged access to Powder’s tech infrastructure and client support: we onboard the creators on to the Powder platform and provide them with personalized assistance in setting up streams and creating content;
  • Discovering web3 games: for many creators, the program has served as an entry ticket into play-to-earn blockchain games, distinguished by innovative gameplay, tech-savvy communities and, of course, an ability to make some money while playing.

Benefits for partner studios

  • Gaining visibility: as the gaming industry continues to expand, getting the word out there about a new game and finding the audience for it can be challenging — particularly where new-format blockchain games are concerned. In that sense, streamers and gaming content creators can become life-changing ambassadors for the brand;
  • Diversity of future content: creators from our roster range from NFT-native to traditional gamers eager to explore the web3 space in all its buzzing diversity. They stream in 4 languages and have a total reach of 3.3M on Twitch and 1M on Twitter;
  • Additional revenue stream: for web3 studios, gaming clips NFTs are a natural way to monetize while increasing the game’s exposure. As digital assets become more popular among gamers at large, the more traditional studios too may wish to leverage Powder’s infrastructure to ‘test drive’ the concept and take the pulse of the target market.
  • Gather feedback: giving early access to streamers can be a way to gather valuable feedback on the alpha/beta status of the game, ranging from bug reports to creative suggestions for potential new features.

Have any questions about the program?

Join our Discord or reach out at anna@powder.gg




Official blog of Powder, dedicated to gaming and web3. Gaming auto-highlights and rewards, available on iOS and PC ✊🎮https://powder.gg/

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Powder. gg

Powder. gg

Official blog of Powder, dedicated to gaming and web3. Gaming auto-highlights and rewards, available on iOS and PC ✊🎮https://powder.gg/

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