Powder 2.0 User Guide: Sourcing

Powder 2.0 is now available on iOS and Android!!

Powder 2.0 is a super-charged Powder app that took 2 years and 25 engineers to develop! It combines the game clips infrastructure tech across our existing iOS, Android, and PC for a seamless sourcing, editing, and sharing experience for gamers and creators.

Its key features include:

🎥 Universal Sourcing

Importing game clips made easy! Just connect your gaming platform (Twitch, YouTube, Xbox, PC, Camera Roll) with Powder while you play and let us do the rest — our state-of-the-art AI technology will detect the best moments from your gameplay!

✏️ Editing

We bring you the best of Powder Editor 1.0, but with more possibilities! Get ready for more effects, AI face detection, auto-captions, and a brand new Split feature to easily turn any game clip into vertical & share on TikTok, Reels, Shorts, etc.!

📱 Library

Have instant access to your personal AI highlights manager! One library for all your gaming content: All of the clips detected from your gaming channels and platforms will be stored in one place, easy for you to access, post and share in real-time!

🤳🏻 Feed

Discover new games and streamers, enjoy the best of gaming thanks to the customized feed curated to your preferences!

We’ve prepared a series of user guides to help you create the most amazing content as seamlessly as possible using Powder. Here comes the first!

Sourcing: here’s how to upload content from any gaming platform to the Powder app!

Step 1: signing up

If you’ve already used Powder and/or Verse in the past 👇

If you’re a first-time Powder user 👇

Step 2: sourcing

If you already have a goldmine of game clips in your camera roll ready to be edited and shared👇

If you want to connect your favorite gaming platform (Twitch, YouTube, Xbox, Shadowplay, or PC) to generate new clips with the help of our AI technology or manually👇

We are constantly improving the app and have some exciting new features in the pipeline at the moment! If you’d like to know more and/or give feedback, join us on Twitter and Discord.

Stay tuned for the upcoming tutorials on editing and Powder PC!

Try out our brand new AI Highlights Recorder on PC.

To learn more about Powder products, visit our website.




Official blog of Powder, dedicated to gaming and web3. Gaming auto-highlights and rewards, available on iOS and PC ✊🎮https://powder.gg/

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Powder. gg

Official blog of Powder, dedicated to gaming and web3. Gaming auto-highlights and rewards, available on iOS and PC ✊🎮https://powder.gg/

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