Powder: Democratizing Gaming Ownership


  • Web3 enables authenticity and shared ownership of content;
  • Web3 will reach mass-market adoption through gaming;
  • Web3 games need distribution;
  • Powder provides a game clips infrastructure enabling web3 games distribution;
  • On December 20, 2021, we’re launching Powder Heroes, the first step to unlock the potential of web3 for all gamers;
  • In January 2022, the Powder v2 Alpha launches.

Web3 enables authenticity and shared ownership of content

Web3 solves two of the significant flaws of Web2.0, which we’ll define here to be “Internet as an infrastructure,” and started in 2004. Web3, which kicked off in 2015 with the deployment of the Ethereum network, facilitates two meaningful shifts:

  • The content becomes traceable because there is transparency around which creators mint it into the blockchain[1];
  • An ownership structure is associated with a piece of content on the blockchain, meaning great content appreciates and benefits its creators if it trades.

Thus, web3 fosters authenticity through transparency and lets creators monetize much more than in Web 2.0 — providing that web3 platforms implement a righteous model.

Web3 will reach mass-market adoption through gaming

For decades, gaming has relied on in-game artifacts and currencies. More than 20 years ago, we were “farming” Mephisto in Diablo II because he had the best “efforts vs. rare items” ratio in the game. Ever since gamers have engaged in gaming experiences that provided them with items and currencies, they could trade — sometimes for “real life” money.

In this context, web3 is an upgrade — both for studios and for gamers:

  • By minting a limited volume of in-game items (NFTs) and currency (tokens) into the blockchain, studios create scarcity of supply, enabling those NFTs and tokens to appreciate over time — and studios to benefit from that appreciation, as they keep a lot of this supply on their balance sheet to fuel future growth[2];
  • Studios can sell NFTs and tokens early on in the lifecycle of the game creation, meaning they can fund their game in a new, differentiated way — providing that they manage to keep the flywheel turning for NFT and token holders: game development speed and community engagement need to stay steady;
  • As gamers get rewarded for their engagement with the project and the game through NFTs and tokens, they benefit from a play-to-earn mechanism[3], which is made possible by the fact that, with web3, games enjoy built-in monetization;
  • The interoperability of NFTs means that new classes of assets granting rights across several games will appear, creating new ways for projects to collaborate.

The most exciting aspect of web3 for gamers is getting a stake: if they come in early, choose suitable projects, get involved in the community, and bring the project to fruition, they get rewarded through NFTs and tokens: gaming ownership.

Figure 1: Through web3, DNAxCAT, the Sandbox, and Life Beyond are creating the future of gaming

Web3 games need distribution

If web3 gaming is such a great deal for everyone, why hasn’t it met mass-market adoption yet?

First, mass-market adoption requires creating the games:

  • As of 2021, the gaming industry is a $180bn market. Incumbents perceive web3 gaming as a threat rather than an opportunity because they make significant money. They favor the status quo.
  • Incredible games take loads of time and resources to create. GTA V took three years and 1,000+ well-remunerated professionals to make. And the release date is just the start of it: games have become platforms in their own right and get updated monthly, if not weekly. This context explains why popular web3 games tend to have approachable aesthetics and gameplay (e.g., DNAxCAT) or have embraced web3 after their development cycle has started (e.g., Life Beyond). In this context, The Sandbox appears visionary, considering the resources invested in a web3 game early on.
  • Web3 games require carefully crafted “tokenomics” if they embrace play-to-earn for their players — a key adoption factor that contributes to the success of Axie Infinity or DNAxCAT. Creating a balanced system is tricky and requires specialized resources.

Then, it’s all about distribution:

  • Web3 games need accessibility. As of 2021, there is no App Store for web3 games. Valve has blocked web3 games from the Steam platform. Epic welcomes NFT games but has no plan to enable this technology in Fortnite;
  • It’s also about discoverability: to gain mass-market exposure, NFT games need to be streamed by prominent creators — who usually cover big, “traditional” games which are more appealing because of their large audiences — or by the games’ communities, which is tricky considering that tools showcasing the inside of a game are scarce, and reward mechanisms to do so don’t exist;
  • Finally, it’s about education: many gamers are merely evaluating the games based on how fun they are, rather than the potential of partial ownership. We’re so early, and the industry is very young compared to traditional gaming! This education applies to all of the mechanics of web3: what it is, why gamers should consider participating in web3 in general, and web3 gaming in particular, and why they should be patient with these games as they’re just getting on their feet.

Game clips are an exciting format in this context: they create easy and fun discoverability and showcase to everyone what’s cool about these games. The opportunity is huge! There are three billion gamers, and many already create video content around their sessions.

Powder provides a game clips infrastructure…

Powder has been building The Camera of the Metaverse since November 2019:

  • Why camera? Because it helps select critical moments out of vast amounts of information to capture and share;
  • What is the Metaverse? The transition from current media technologies into a more powerful, immersive — and equitable — one.

We started as a community of gamers talking about game clips on Discord. We wanted to simplify making game clips; previously, creating one minute of game clips took two hours with traditional solutions[4]. We quickly grew to a 60k+ Discord community with this focus and went from 0 to 2.5m installs on iOS, Android, and PC in 18 months.

Led by four second-time founders, our 40+ members team values cultural diversity and gender balance, boasting 18 nationalities and 40% female representation. We’re at Series A stage, have received $20m+ in funding, and our team has exited five companies in the last decade[5].

How do we go from 2 hours to 2 minutes to create excellent game clips?

  1. We source content from all gaming platforms. What it means: whenever you’re playing on PC, mobile (iOS, Android), or console (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch), or whenever you stream, your highlights are detected and saved into Powder, your gaming camera roll[6].
  2. We’re building cutting-edge AI with self-supervised learning and anonymous emotion detection to detect highlights. We have 25 engineers, of which 8 are AI engineers — including 4 PhDs. We have two pending patents and two scientific publications: here, and here, with an active academic collaboration with UPEC. AI means that a gamer just receives a pop-up notification that says, “Your Highlights Are Ready,” and that’s it — they’re playing, and our system saves content to their camera roll in the background;
  3. Once they’ve recorded the content, gamers edit it on iOS and Android. In April 2020, we launched as the world’s first game clip editor on mobile, with over 50 effects — some of which are AI-based. We’ve received over 100k reviews on the App Store, with an average rating of 4.8/5.0;
  4. Viewers consume Powder clips on three platforms: iOS, Android, and PC. This multi-platform visibility means gamers discover more games.

Powder aims at setting a new market standard for social gaming: a model based on creativity thanks to the ease of producing quality content and a sense of community as gamers on our platform elevate each other through inclusiveness and support.

… enabling web3 games distribution

Powder creates distribution for blockchain games.

How do we do this? We help web3 games…

  • … succeed in their launch: by connecting studios with creators and releasing game clips collections tied to blockchain games, we ensure the alpha and the beta versions of NFT games receive the exposure they deserve;
  • … become viral: we tailor our highlighting technology to each game by creating neural networks to detect in-game achievements on PC or Twitch or by integrating it natively on Unity. Thus, web3 gamers can easily share their best moments with friends everywhere;
  • … keep their communities engaged: through our platform, web3 games can easily reward their most social players with custom NFTs and tokens. Thanks to Powder, assets are more interoperable and gain additional exposure. For instance, thanks to our infrastructure, game studios can showcase viral game clips inside their games;
  • … benefit from interoperability and exposure of assets. Powder makes it easier for NFTs to have utility in several games and gives visibility to them thanks to video content.

What’s in it for players? Thanks to our app, gamers can access great web3 games much more quickly than they can today. They can easily create great content around their gaming sessions and benefit from the intrinsic perks of web3 gaming: co-ownership through NFTs and tokens.

On December 20, 2021, we’re launching Powder Heroes, the first step to unlock the potential of web3 for all gamers

Figure 2: The Powder Heroes NFT gives utility to buyers on Powder and in partnered games

Powder Heroes is a 1,111 game clip NFT collection featuring the genesis of blockchain games. Each NFT consists of a game clip hidden in a mystery pack to bring back the magic of opening Pokemon cards — purchasable for 0.35 SOL. Oh, and count on our design team to make them look wicked cool!

We’ve partnered with three gaming studios: the Sandbox, DNAxCAT, and Life Beyond for this drop. We’re excited because these games represent the diversity and the potential of web3 gaming: the Sandbox sits at the border of Minecraft and GTA, DNAxCAT has the convenience and the accessibility of mobile games, and Life Beyond has the potential of AAA games!

And we’ve partnered with 13 creators: Pewpewlazyr, Ceomg, SkullsNightshade, Simby, Senpaihades, Gorajing, Bellalopez, JovemHorta, TickleeMeElmo, mshoboslayer, Slyasf, MegnaGaming, and STANdardGamer720p. We couldn’t be more excited with such a talented roster, spanning three continents with gaming backgrounds across different genres and styles!

Figure 3: Powder Heroes NFTs are generated with our proprietary highlights detection AI
Figure 4: Powder Heroes NFTs showcase a given game and creator, and display varying degrees of rarity
Figure 5: The Powder technology detects highlights in a game;
they are then minted into the blockchain for our collection

Here is the utility of our assets:

  • Drops from partner games: we’re negotiating with the Sandbox, DNAxCAT, and Life Beyond so that holders of game clips NFTs featuring their games can receive drops from them. Life Beyond has already agreed to future airdrops;
  • Privileged access to creators: we facilitate connections between holders of our game clips NFTs and the creators they feature, starting on the Powder Heroes Discord;
  • A place in our community: we acknowledge that teamwork and a sense of belonging are at the heart of web3. We intend to foster these by creating a transparent and fair environment in which community members will be able to help each other out;
  • Voting rights in our governance: holders of Powder Heroes NFTs will be able to vote on future strategic orientations for the project, starting in Q1–2022;
  • Beta access to Powder: your NFT will give you access to cool new features from the Powder ecosystem on all platforms — PC, iOS, Android — before anyone else. We value everyone’s feedback to improve, and as a member of the Powder beta, we’ll appreciate your input even more.

Finally, you’ll become exclusive holders of gaming history moments!

Figure 6: Powder Heroes NFTs hold utility in partnered games and on the Powder platform

In January 2022, the Powder v2 Alpha launches

Create our AI highlighting technology

Partner with NFT games (x3) and with creators (x13) for the drop

Community building

Launch Powder Heroes

Launch Powder v2 Alpha

Launch Powder governance

Expand the pool of NFT games and creators partners

Enable distribution of NFTs and tokens on the Powder platform

Bringing Powder Heroes to mobile (iOS, Android) and PC

Release the Powder token to increase the liquidity of assets on our platform

Powder merchandise

With your help, Powder has the potential to make the life of three billion gamers better by enabling them to edit, share and preserve their virtual memories while co-owning gaming!


[1] In 2018, Facebook reported that up to 40% of its traffic went to pages that stole or repurposed content.

[2] An NFT studio we’ve talked to told us it keeps ~90% of its tokens on its balance sheet to fuel future growth.

[3] Either directly or if the player rents his NFT to someone else who plays the game in his place indirectly. Renting NFTs that give access to a game means the barrier to entry of playing a game drops significantly, creating more utility for NFT holders and more visibility for the game.

[4] Powder alpha access survey (14,400 answers, Q1–2020).

[5] Artomatix (Barthélémy Kiss, Tom Mason, Geoff O’Donoghue), Mindie (Stanislas Coppin), Molotov.tv (Charles Bessonnet, Cyril Findeling), Stupeflix (Vincent Garcia), Zenly (Kevin Cathaly).

[6] Our sourcing works thanks to our ecosystem of third-party apps and our integration to console and streaming platforms. We also connect directly with games if they’re in Unity.



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