How to Record Valorant Clips with Powder
3 min readJan 6, 2023


Automatically record Valorant gameplay with Powder PC. Here’s how to get Valorant clips for your kills, sniper kills, assists, clutches, aces, defuses, and victories.

Get Valorant highlights automatically with Powder.

Are you looking to take your Valorant clips to the next level? Or just cut down on the time you spend jamming away on hot keys? That’s exactly what we’re here for.

Powder is the ultimate app for PC gamers looking to automatically capture highlights from their Valorant sessions.

With Powder, creating clips to share with your friends and followers has never been easier— and you never have to smash a record button.

Whether you pull a perfect Valorant clutch or show up with assist after assist for the team, Powder easily and automatically records your best moments.

So why waste time manually recording and trimming when you can let Powder handle Valorant clips for you?

How to get your Valorant clips

A few simple steps

  • First, remember to download Powder for PC.
  • Launch the app, and start your game session directly from Powder by clicking Play Now on the Valorant image on your Powder app.
  • Once you start playing, Powder automatically starts detecting your highlights and clipping.
  • You’ll find your short video clips after your session waiting for you in your library on Powder, which you can find in your Highlights tab or by going to the Output Folder path listed in your Powder Settings.

Here’s what we clip:


We make sure that all of your Valorant kills are captured and clipped.

Record Valorant kill clips automatically.

Sniper Kills

Never miss a moment, sharpshooter. Every Valorant sniper kill, captured.

Record Valorant sniper kill clips automatically.


Record Valorant assists automatically.


Record Valorant clutches automatically.


Record Valorant victories automatically.


Record Valorant aces automatically.


Record Valorant defuses automatically.

You play, we clip.

Give Powder a try and start 2023 with a better experience recording Valorant Revelation and the new Lotus map. Thank us later 😉.

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