1 Minute in the Metaverse 🌐 The Sandbox Dream

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The Sandbox was founded 10 years ago. That is very interesting because your project is defined as a ‘metaverse’ platform — which nobody thought about back then. What have been the most important technological shifts that have enabled you to shape the platform into what it is today?

That showed us that anyone can become a creator and user-generated content in games is key.

Evolution: From 2D to 3D, from centralized to blockchain. Source: The Sandbox Medium.

A metaverse — meaning, a myriad of virtual worlds that users can access through a 3D character, i.e. their digital identity, which they keep as they explore the different worlds — is what The Sandbox became progressively.

The Sandbox trailer.

So in a way, if these technological innovations didn’t happen The Sandbox probably wouldn’t exist anymore or would become something else entirely.

Doesn’t sound too much like luck — more like a good strategy! Speaking of which, The Sandbox has had a strong B2B momentum lately. When you think of the future of The Sandbox, as you bring all these brands to the platform, what is it supposed to become for users? An economy? A theme park? A mix of all these things?

We’re trying to shape the metaverse to be a place for fun, entertainment, and experience where creativity is being pushed beyond the limit of imagination, thanks to technology.

The latest Alpha Season 3 includes 90 unique metaverse experiences. Source: Venture Beat

As brands continue to acquire LAND there, how do you ensure that that platform remains accessible to individuals?

Are you seeing new professions emerge around The Sandbox? If so, do you think people will be able to make an actual living out of those?

We’re already seeing a growing number of users who were able to turn their passion and their dream into an actual job and earn revenue that many of them say is more significant than their previous income.

The Sandbox is a land of boundless opportunity for creators

Now that you mention the ‘open metaverse’, do you think that the web3 builders like yourself will succeed in avoiding centralization of the metaverse, where a handful of big players come to dominate it in the end?

At this point, do you think users see The Sandbox more as a game or as a virtual experience?

We’re contributing to progressively enlarging the gamer population by diversifying the kind of experience and what you call a game.



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