Web3 Divided Our Team — Here’s How We Talked It Out and Got Over It

1. The blockchain is still immature

2. The blockchain is not fully decentralized

3. Gamers don’t like crypto, and adoption can be challenging

4. Crypto pollutes

5. Some gaming projects are scammy

  1. Nature of the game. The gameplay quality should be judged by the standards you’d apply to any other traditional game of the same genre: would it still be fun without NFTs?
  2. Business model. Solid in-game tokenomics is a must. Look out for business models that are prone to scaling, be it thanks to multiple revenue streams, UGC, and partnership potential.
  3. Team quality. Teams that are not public (aka “doxxed”) are a big red flag. Beyond that, it’s important for web3 studios to have core members with complementary expertise, including in gaming and economics.
  4. Financing. Where possible, it’s important to check the profile of institutions or private investors who have backed the project from the start.
  5. Roadmap. Projects that have a clear and regularly-updated roadmap are more trustworthy.
  6. Community. Great web3 projects are all about communities that tend to be vibrant on Discord and other social media, and often participate directly in the project’s governance.

6. There is speculation around NFTs

Now, back to our internal backlash. What was the outcome?



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